How racism impacts our minds and our bodies

By Emmanuel Sebakungu

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Racial discrimination is the unequal treatment of a people or group based on their race or ethnicity. Racial discrimination has a physiological effect that can affect heartbeat, anxiety, or heartburn that can lead to a long-term negative health outcome. Repeated experiences of discrimination may cause the body to be more physically sensitive in stressful, and routine discrimination can be a chronic stressor that can increase vulnerability to physical and psychological illness.

Racial discrimination is a fairly common experience, with 50–75% of Americans of Color reporting experiencing daily discrimination. Exposure…

How emotional intelligence is like pumping the brakes on our emotions

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Published on behalf of Robert Turner

Hello! My name is Robert Turner. I am an African American man, 23 years of age, and I a currently serving a 25-year sentence for a string of robberies I was involved in back in the winter of 2018. Mine is quite a testimony, and perhaps I will be able to expound on it further in a future address. But, for now, I’d like to discuss a topic that I personally believe to be one of the most relevant and fundamentally critical concepts…

At EQuity, our existence as a social venture means we are constantly thinking about how we can continue our work of advancing racial justice by developing emotional intelligence in a way that is socially beneficial. Although we achieve financial sustainability through sharing our expertise with clients, it’s equally important we provide our insights and knowledge in an equitable and accessible format.

To that point, we are excited to announce the debut of Race + Emotions. Race + Emotions is a digital publication hosted on Medium that we hope will serve as a repository of essays written at the intersection of…

$5,000 on the line for emotional intelligence and racial justice

As a graduate student, I’ve walked out of classes, emailed deans, penned an op-ed, dropped an f-bomb in class, and written more than my fair share of professional “drag emails” all in the name of racial justice. Being a student who cares about racial justice and navigating higher education has been an emotionally tenuous journey. The instructor of one of the courses I walked out on presciently said, “If you want to continue doing this work, you’re going to have to figure out how to emotionally regulate, otherwise you’ll wear…

I am a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer who is pursuing a dual degree in business and social work, so the +Impact Studio was at the intersection of both my professional and personal goals.

When I completed the +Impact Studio course at the Ross School of Business, I left with a sound understanding of design thinking and experience doing interdisciplinary, action-based learning, all the while having social impact as our North Star. After taking the course, I knew I wanted to stay connected with Michigan Ross Professor Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks and the burgeoning +Impact Studio being cultivated at Ross.

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After the suspension of in-person classes following the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020, I was on a Zoom call with other diversity scholars to discuss potential responses to the correlating outbreak of anti-Asian bias. As the discussion progressed, common themes emerged. Many in the group didn’t know where to start on the path of fighting anti-Asian bias. Others weren’t sure how to combat anti-Asian bias in a way that was respectful and wouldn’t perpetuate harm. …

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Following the highly publicized murders of Black people by both police and vigilantes, there has been much discussion about whether the largest mobilization of people is a movement or a moment. 400 years of systemic anti-Black racism has stained the fabric of this country, and reparation of that injustice needs to be equally systemic and unequivocal. Identifying and eradicating the ill of anti-Black racism that has permeated every corner of our society is tireless work — and it’s uncomfortable.

In incubating a new venture idea with the aim of working to dismantle anti-Black racism, our team continually grapples with what…

Both the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent rash of highly publicized police killings of Black Americans have re-illuminated the racial fissures in our society. The business world responded with a flurry of statements of solidarity and action plans. Here at the +Impact Studio, we too have made equity a cornerstone of the work we’ve been undertaking this summer. As we all must re-evaluate our work in the name of racial equity, we hope to share some of our contributions to Studio projects in hopes that they may be starting points for your own work.

  1. Team Composition

Although advancing equity is…

By Justin Woods, Founder of EQuity Social Venture

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By now you’ve likely seen statements of solidarity from some of our beloved brands, and hopefully your own employer. Statements have run the gambit, from the much-heralded Ben & Jerry’s response that is unequivocal in its indictment and call to action to dismantle white supremacy, to the milquetoast variety that ambiguously acknowledge George Floyd’s death as a mere flashpoint, unrelated to the 400-year systematic abuse and exploitation of Black people in this country.

For companies who know words are not enough, there have been a variety of remedial actions planned: donations to…

Justin Woods

Founder of EQuity Social Venture — | MSW/MBA candidate | emotional intelligence + racial justice

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